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Proclean Products supplies High Quality Cleaning and Detailing Products To The Automotive Industry, Car Washes, Marine Industry, Bus, Truck & Equipment Industries, Hospitality Industry, Commercial Cleaners and General Public.

ProClean Products Wash
Only a cap full is required in warm water to reach the desired, soapy results to assist in cleaning even the most stubborn and hard to remove dirt and grime. 
ProClean Products Degreaser
A specially formulated degreaser for the speedy and convenient removal of a wide range of contaminants such as oil, dirt, dust, grease, exhaust stains and road grime. 
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ProClean Products Fabric Protection

ProClean Products fabric protector is a highly concentrated formula that applies a layer of protectant over upholstery to ward off against stains. 

This Product is a great way to protect your car seats, bus seats, truck seats, boat interior, couch, etc.

ProClean Products Dash & Vinyl Protect

A Tyre, Rubber and Vinyl dressing with a unique formula to be a thicker gelled viscosity that allows uniform application and doesn't streak, run or drip.

A small amount of the Dash & Vinyl Protect will assist in bringing that old, worn out look back to brand new.

ProClean Products Glass Shine.
This Product is different to general glass cleaners as the ProClean Products Glass Shine is Ammonia Free so will not cause the tint to bubble on your car, bus, truck, bike, boat, home windows, etc.
ProClean Products Tyre Shine

A highly formulated "Supershine" product which contains Liquid Hydrocarbons to give your Tyres and Rubber a high gloss shine to bring back to that new look and feel.

Dampen a soft clean cloth with the ProClean Products Tyre Shine and wipe on desired surface to instantly bring a high gloss shine.

ProClean Products Wax

A Thick, High Quality Gold Wax that contains Liquid Hydrocarbons to help achieve the best results to any surface.

Easy to apply by shaking the bottle well and applying a small amount onto a ProClean Products Polishing Pad and then slowly applying to surface in circular motions. Once Wax has had time to compound work off slowly with a ProClean Products Mirco                                                        Fibre Towel to achieve that instant                                                            shine.

ProClean Products Polish

This Product contains high tech Polymers Resins and Carnauba Wax to create deep rich shine.

Specifically Formulated with a fine cutting compount entrenched into the Polish to assist with the removal of light to medium levels of surface scratches.

ProClean Products Polish will leave a long lasting, swirl free, light reflective finish.

ProClean Products Air Freshener

The Best Fragrance to get that "New Car Smell" back in your pride and joy.

With just a few sprays of New Car Smell you will be left with a pleasant , slow releasing scent that will give you long lasting results.

Best results for immediate odour control of stale tobacco, food and other substances.

ProClean Products Paint Protection

The Proclean Products Paint Protection forms a clear coating over your paint to assist with the prevention of Acidic bird droppings, Bug Stains, Tree Tar / Sap and other contaminants that can be harmful to your paint.

The ProClean Products Paint Protection will also assist with keeping your paint looking like new and preventing liquid build up by creating a water beading effect.

ProClean Products Anti Bacterial Air-Conditioning Treatments

For the best results in assisting to deodorise and neutralise unpleasant odours and bacteria in your Air Conditioning and ventilation systems. This product is 100% safe and the healthiest and most productive way to protect your family, loved ones, staff, etc.

Once complete the ventilation system will be deodorised, neutralised and sanitised of 99.9% of bacteria and nasty odours. Comes in Pleasant New Car, Lemon, Cherry or Apple Scents

ProClean Products Accessories

- XXL High Quality Chamois

- Large Truck Sponge

- Micro Fibre Cloths

and much, much more!