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Proclean Products not only produces and manufactures its range of chemicals and products but we can also create and produce custom chemicals and products for any business.

You let us know what you want us to make for your business and we will manufacture using our state of the art mixing and syphoning equipment to produce the product you require.

Proclean Products can then ship your goods to anywhere in Australia in our 20 Litre, 200 Litre and 1000 Litre drums. Our prices are very sharp and our turn around times are fast. Proclean Products can produce exactly the product you require or if you want to customise using your own oils and blends we can incorporate these into the mixing procedure.     

# Minimum order is 400 Litres in either 2 x 200 Litre Drums or 20 x 20 Litre Drums

            20 Litre Drum                           200 Litre Drum                          1000 Litre Drum